Volunteer Overview

Volunteer Overview

Men and Women of All Ages Who Wish to Serve Their Community

Hospice volunteers are men and women of all ages who wish to serve their community with care and compassion, and fulfill the need of caring for terminally ill patients. Volunteers closely work with patients and their families, offering bereavement support and providing awareness concerning the need for hospice care in their communities.

Our volunteers also provide outreach to the terminally ill and their families, offering friendship and bereavement support. There are opportunities for patient and family care, as well as palliative care volunteer needs. We also have administrative volunteer opportunities with the Hospice office.

For more information about our volunteer opportunities, call the Volunteer Coordinator Betsymarie Rivera-Muniz at 954-785-2290.

Patient/Family Care Volunteer Opportunities

The volunteer serves at a patient’s home or an inpatient facility. He or she visits once or twice a week to stay with the patient, allowing the patient’s caregiver more freedom and relief from the 24-hour cycle of care that he or she is providing for their loved one.

In the case of Hospice patients who live alone, a volunteer may pick up medical supplies or assist the family with running various errands. During a patient visit, a volunteer may assist with letter writing, reading or simply providing a good conversation. The volunteer may also assist with simple household tasks such as meal preparation or pet walking.

Due to the close relationship of volunteers and patients, the volunteer may provide additional bereavement support to the patient’s family members. Each contact from a volunteer offers the bereaved family a chance to discuss his/her feelings with someone who understands the grief process and truly cares about their well-being.

Hospice and Palliative Care Volunteer Opportunities

The Hospice or Palliative Care volunteer provides friendly visitation and supportive assistance to patients in the Hospice or Palliative Care units. The volunteer serves as a companion, an attentive listener, and a patient advocate for patients within these special units.

A volunteer may provide emotional support, when needed, and may assist with meal preparation or minimal personal grooming for the patient. Volunteers may also participate in appropriate recreational activities geared toward a patient’s interest, provide music therapy, or appropriate healing touch modalities through consent of the patient.

Administrative Support Opportunities

Administrative volunteers provide assistance in the Hospice office on a regular weekly basis. Some of the duties consist of computer data entry, photocopying, filing, record keeping, answering phone calls or assisting with office mailings. In addition, attorneys, clergy, nurses, physicians, psychologists, social workers and other allied health professionals such as speech, physical and occupational therapists may choose to volunteer with our Hospice Unit team. This is arranged on an individual basis.

Volunteer Training

Broward Home Health & Hospice conducts training at 309 SE 18th Street in Fort Lauderdale, Florida for its volunteer staff.

Prospective volunteers must complete a 12-hour Hospice Volunteer Training Course. The course is free of charge and is designed for the success of hospice volunteers. Administrative and professional volunteers must complete a modified training course, and also must receive orientation within our office setting.

Rewards of Volunteerism

Many rewards exist through volunteering with Broward Health Home Health & Hospice. Volunteers can expect the satisfaction that comes from knowing that you helped when someone greatly needed you. Volunteers receive a sense of profound appreciation from patients and their families for their key volunteer role.

If this opportunity is of interest to you, please call the Volunteer Coordinator Marinelly Castro at 954-788-5057 or via email Mcastro@browardhealth.org.

Thank you for considering Broward Health Home Health & Hospice as your choice concerning volunteer opportunities.

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